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Our Story

The word, JELESE is a slang word widely used in Ethiopia to describe a friend. We, as humans, especially culturally as Africans, have the innate desire to be close to one another, to build bonds, and to collaborate.  

We design high-quality, modern streetwear, accessories and other merchandise themed around Ethiopia. Founded in 2015, Jelese has since become a well-known brand among the Ethiopian diaspora all around the world. 

Our goal is to spread awareness and strengthen the bonds between all people, through meaningful, nostalgic products. Our vision includes people from far and wide, coming together as one, to push this new generation into a brighter future. Unity is the key to a better world. We created JELESE to propel this vision. We are so happy & excited for you to join us on this journey. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being our Jelese.

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